IT Engineering

You want to focus on your business, so we make sure you have the tools you need to succeed.

IT Engineering incorporates all aspects of the IT spectrum: from hardware,software, and systems to processes, policies, and management.

At First Info Tech we have proven experience across the entire IT realm. With our focus on security and our engineering talent, we can handle your IT needs and give you the freedom to concentrate  on your business mission.

IT Outsourcing

In the past, outsourcing IT operations overseas was the hottest trend.  Now, companies are realizing there are real and significant advantages to keeping operations here at home. As a local Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business with vast engineering and security policy experience, First Info Tech provides the best of both worlds: outsourced, U.S.-based resources that allow you to reduce your IT overhead, resulting in cost savings, flexibility, and consistent risk management.

Our IT specialists can handle the challenges of your IT needs. We provide the expertise to perform systems administration, diagnostics, documentation, and help-desk support. We’re able to plan for times when key IT resources from your organization are unavailable, such as employee vacations and staff turnover, making sure to minimize impact on your critical business systems. Whatever your IT needs, we’re ready to support you in fulfilling your business goals.

IT Infrastructure Support

What happens when a key resource suddenly leaves a company, or takes an unexpected vacation? Our clients face all kinds of challenges, and we’re here to help them move beyond technical challenges so they can focus on their core business. At First Info Tech, our engineers have experience with the full range of IT Infrastructure. Some of the services we offer include:

– IT Administration

– Database Administration

– Network Administration.

Whether a SharePoint Intranet needs configuration, or the network is buggy and nobody can figure out why, our engineers are ready to help. We can fix the problem and get our clients back to doing what they do best.

Systems Integration

Bringing a new information system into your service topology can be a headache. At First Info Tech, we have the skills to get the job done to spec, on time, and with a stable transition.

The benefits of a new information system can pay big dividends, but the challenges associated with bringing these systems online and maintaining them can seem daunting. Our systems integration team has mastered these types of projects and can make the process as smooth as possible. We’re ready to help with:

  • Requirements Analysis
  • System Design
  • Hardware, Software, And Licensing Build-out
  • Network and Application Testing
  • Signoff
  • Maintenance and Support

With experienced engineers focused on security, we ensure your system integration projects drive toward success.