Information Security

At First Info Tech, we approach any information security objective using three principles to achieve success. Our projects are requirements-driven, risk based, and meet the business goals of our clients.

With this trifocal lens, we are able to effectively tackle a host of challenging problems. We partner with clients to achieve business success within the following realms of information security:

Architecture and Design – We build and design information systems custom-made to meet your business objectives.

Compliance – We help organizations adhere to government and private regulations, allowing them to successfully pass audits and gain industry compliance certifications.

Security Auditing – We conduct information security audits to assess compliance with a wide range of regulations and standards.

Cloud Computing – We manage risk, conduct audits, and design information security solutions for large-scale, complex cloud systems.

We believe in driving projects to meet the requirements, and we make sure the project requirements comply with industry standards and organizational guidelines. First Info Tech is your advocate and partner in interpreting and satisfying the required security regulations. Together, we can achieve your information security goals in order to realize business success.