EEOC Investigation

First Info Tech provides Equal Opportunity Employment (EEO) Resolution and Investigation Services to government agencies and private corporations.

We understand the need for immediate, thorough, and confidential support through every stage of the EEO process, and we offer neutral assistance to meet our clients’ EEO needs. Our goal is to provide you with exemplary customer service and support while maintaining fairness, balance and equality.

EEO Counseling

First Info Tech understands the importance of reaching a resolution, especially at the earliest stage of the EEO process. Our Counselors are experienced in opening lines of communication between parties, identifying resolution options, and drafting settlement agreements. If a resolution cannot be reached, our Counselors will conduct a limited inquiry and draft a thorough report that documents the counseling and resolution efforts.

EEO Investigations

First Info Tech has a national network of staff and contract EEO investigators. Our investigators all have vast experience in researching allegations of discrimination and/or harassment with a clear understanding of applicable EEO laws and regulations (Title VII, ADEA, Rehab, ADA, EPA, GINA). They have conducted investigations for individual and multiple claims, as well as for continuing violations. Our reports, which are written clearly and comprehensively, reflect all of the evidence gathered and provide a basis for determination and/or Final Agency Decisions (FAD).

Final Agency Decisions (FADs)

First Info Tech drafts FADs based on the merits of each individual case. Our FADs include a thorough analysis of each claim, utilizing applicable case law and the appropriate theory of discrimination. Our FADs include a procedural chronology; factual background; applicable law, analysis and findings; and a conclusion as to whether discrimination occurred.

Misconduct Investigations/Administrative Inquiries

First Info Tech recognizes that not all complaints are investigated through the EEO complaint process, and can conduct an administrative inquiry or misconduct investigation, which may be more appropriate. These types of investigations may focus on allegations of general misconduct that include non-EEO based harassment, or may focus on allegations of abuse, mismanagement, or fraud. First Info Tech will conduct a thorough inquiry, prepare a concise report based on collected evidence, and, if required, draft appropriate recommendations to assist clients in addressing the misconduct.